Meet the boats that allow people to play on Burlington Bay.

The Community Sailing Center is committed to constantly improving and upgrading our fleet of over 50 boats. The upkeep and replacement programs for our boats ensure that instructional programs and race teams have the latest in sailing technology.


23′ Sonar
The 23′ Sonar keelboat has something for everybody. It is a unique one-design keelboat that combines features found in no other sailboat in the world. It is sleek, powerful, stable, and exceptionally fast. Sonars are a comfortable daysailer, just right for getting the entire family or friends together on the water. With its 11-foot cockpit, angled seatbacks, and plenty of legroom, you can easily take six friends along! No other boat of this size (or even much larger) can make this claim.

19′ Rhodes
The Rhodes 19 is a two- or three-person, 19 foot, one-design keelboat. The Rhodes provides excellent day sailing and competitive racing opportunites for families, couples, and individuals. Designed by leading naval architect Philip Rhodes over 50 years ago, the Rhodes 19 has evolved into a popular, exciting, and inexpensive sailboat with a strong national following.

Adaptive Sonar
This Sonar has been adapted so that the skipper sits facing forward without the need to switch sides as the boat turns. Encircling this gimbaled seat is a horizontal steering wheel. The gimbaled seat concept was designed by our Founding Director and architect, Marcel Beaudin. The Sonar sails with 2-10 people and has a heavy keel which makes for excellent stability.

Martin 16
This single- or double-handed keelboat (again, will not flip over) was designed to level the playing field and let people with physical disabilities race in open fleets without a time or distance handicap, or in other words, simply sailor against sailor. This 16′ sailboat that gives independence to people who may live much of their lives in need of other people’s help. The Martin 16 is the boat used for the Mobility Cup, an international regatta for disabled sailors.


Club 420
Our 420 fleet consists of both Zim Collegiate and PS2000 Club 420s. The 420 is fast and nimble. It is essential in the progression from junior to collegiate racing. The 420 is the junior and instructional boat of choice at schools, clubs, and sailing organizations across America with over 350 organizations maintaining active fleets.

RS Quest
While essentially the same length as a 420, the RS Quest is much more stable with significantly more cockpit space & a larger beam. The perfect trainer for adults, the Quest is the staple of our Adult Dinghy programming.

14′ Laser
The Laser is one of the most popular single-handed dinghies in the world. A commonly cited reason for its popularity is that it is robust and simple to rig and sail in addition to its durability. We have two rig sizes available including the 4.7 and full rig.

Hartley 10
The Hartley 10 is a very easy to manage entry level dinghy. This attractive little dinghy is particularly suited to those in the early stages of learning to sail. It is made from a 3 layer rotomold polyethylene which is very robust and hard-wearing. The Hartley 10 has a single sail plan and the wide deep hull shape incorporates a very stable sit-in design with a high boom to more comfortably accommodate older youth learners. The attractive hull shape moves swiftly over the water and self drains effortlessly.

RS Zest
New to our fleet, the RS Zest serves as a transition from the smaller Hartley 10s & O’Pen Skiffs to the larger & more complex 420. It can be easily rigged with or without a jib, and vertical battens allow the sail to be reefed down to any size for a variety of lake conditions. The simplicity of the rig allows new sailors to easily understand the principles of sailing a bermuda rigged boat.

O’pen Skiff
The fast, planing hull of the O’pen Skiff (formerly Bic) gives younger sailors a dynamic sailing experience of a true dinghy that heels. Being at the helm of this powerful machine gives you the same excitement normally experienced on a boat for adults. With its Open design, including a totally open self-draining stern, even capsizing is fun! Young sailors are fully independent on the water and will be proud to sail such a modern-looking and elegant boat, one that both sails and looks like the boat of today’s champions.


Canoes and Kayaks
The Community Sailing Center is also a favorite spot to launch and store canoes and kayaks. We maintain a rental fleet of canoes and kayaks, including both single and tandem options. This is an excellent way to enjoy the lake with minimal experience.

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs)
A paddleboard is basically a surfboard, that you stand up on, and paddle with an extra long canoe paddle. Paddle boarding is harder than it looks so get ready for an awesome workout coupled with some serious fun in the sun!