Rental Hours

May 27th- June 11th Spring Hours
Weekends and Memorial Day
June 12th-16th Closed Staff Training
June 17th- September 4th Summer Hours
September 9th- October 9th Fall Hours
Weekends and Indigenous People’s Day

We take reservations on Keelboats only, all other boats are first come, first serve.
Closed for rentals on: May 29, June 4th, June 13-17, July 3, July 16, August 28

Hourly Rental Rates

Dinghy Keelboat Paddle Craft
420, Laser
Sonar, Rhodes 19
Kayak (Single or Double),
Canoe, Paddleboard

Season Passes

Dinghy All Access
*Valid Student ID Required
Individual $410 $700
Family $875


(7:30pm during summer hours or 5:30pm during spring/fall hours)

DEPOSIT REQUIRED FOR ALL RENTERS: A $50 damage deposit is required of all renters before sailing. The deposit will be returned when the boat is returned in the same condition as it left in. Cash, check or credit card will be kept secure as a deposit.

Season Passes must be purchased in person and are only valid for the season during which they are purchased. Passes are non transferable and remaining balances or usage cannot be transferred year to year.

Community Sailing Center Rental Procedure

Upon arrival at the Community Sailing Center, we require all renters to complete a signed CSC Program Liability Waiver, as well as a written Basic Sailing Rental Test if you wish to rent a sailboat.

To ensure the integrity of the Rental Test and the safety of our rental customers and fellow boaters, we do not provide access to the test until you are ready to take it in our office. The rental test is not as simple as a “pass” or “fail.” Sufficient completion of the test takes into account the weather and wind conditions.

The test contains basic sailing information, including written questions and diagrams. If we do not feel that your sailing knowledge is sufficient for you to rent, we still want you to enjoy the lake! We suggest that you rent a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), single or double kayak, or a canoe. If you wish to rent a sailboat next time you visit us, we suggest taking either a learn to sail program or a private lesson, depending on whether you need a comprehensive learn to sail experience or just a refresher.

We are a self-service rental facility and when you rent a boat you are required to launch, rig, de-rig, and clean up your equipment.

Community Sailing Center Rules and Regulations

All renters and passengers are subject to the rules of the Community Sailing Center, including but not limited to the following:

  • PFDs must be worn at all times while on the dock or on the water. We have a large supply to choose from if you don’t have your own.
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times while on CSC property, including boats and docks.
  • Beaching and landing of all CSC boats is prohibited, except in an emergency situation.
  • There is no smoking or alcohol allowed on CSC property, including boats and docks.
  • The minimum age for passengers on all CSC keelboats is 6. The minimum age for passengers on all CSC dinghies or paddle craft is 8.

Rental Policies

In addition to the above rules and regulations, we have policies in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our renters and fellow boaters:

  • We have two sets of rental boundaries. Our light to medium wind boundary extends from Rock Point at the northern tip of Burlington Bay to Oakledge Park at the southern end of Burlington Bay. Our heavy wind boundary extends from Lone Rock Point to the northern end of the Breakwater. For the safety of our renters, if you are found outside of the boundaries, we may revoke your renting privileges.
  • Reservations are accepted in two-hour blocks for our keelboat fleet only.  Dinghy and paddlecraft rentals are on a first come – first served basis.
  • Due to high demand for our rental boats, especially on nice summer days, there is a two-hour maximum for all rentals. However, if you wish to remain on the water, you may check in with us after two hours to see if there is anybody waiting for your boat.