Archive August 2015

New fair calls attention to plight of Lake Champlain

Report By: Rose Spillman, WCAX

Many of us admire Lake Champlain from the water or the shore, but how much do we really know about it? A new effort is designed to make Vermonter a little more Champlain savvy.

Rae Bronenkant, an Education Intern at ECHO, has a passion for plankton. “I love plankton personally,” she said.

On Sunday, Bronenkant joined forces with local environmental non-profits and volunteers to engage the public about the Lake Champlain ecosystem. “You don’t think about plankton, and they’re really essential in the food web — being the bottom. And they are the primary producers of the lake with the phytoplankton,” Bronenkant said. “So we are having them create different plankton, and we have inspirational photos down here.”
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