WCAX3 – Pandemic-funded kids programs gear up for summer fun

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June 11, 2021 | Olivia Lyons

RUTLAND, Vt. (WCAX) – About 100 camps across the state are receiving state funds through the Summer Matters program, which aims to help children recover from the pandemic. Olivia Lyons, spoke with grant recipients to discuss how this opens opportunities for kids.

Officials say programming through the Summer Matters initiative is a way for kids to reengage and also learn about themselves and their interests.

“Hopefully insight. Not only a passion for one year but a passion that might extend for the rest of their lives,” said Bianca Roa with the Community Sailing Center in Burlington, one of the organizations participating in the program. With grant funding, the center is offering up to four weeks of free sailing camp to those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and people of color. “As soon as we put it out to the community, it filled, and we cannot wait to have what is likely our most diverse camp year ever.”

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